These section is destined to contain the electronic edition and translation of the entire corpus of Coptic titles (3rd-11th century).

It is a work in progress (at present is available just a partial list of titles): as soon as a new edition is ready, this will be inserted at the same time here and in one of the relational databases on which the Atlas is based.

Coptic titles represent a privileged point of observation of the Coptic literary manuscript culture. Over the centuries, they have changed position inside the manuscript, layout, length, textual structure and even purpose, marking crucial phases of the manufacture of the writing supports – the shift from roll to codex, and from papyrus codex to parchment codex – and important passages of the history of Coptic literature – from the translations from Greek into Coptic to the production of an original literature. Moreover, they are often created later than the works they are attributed to and therefore can be considered texts in their own right. For this reason, within the scientific activities of PAThs, a Clavis Coptica has been assigned to each of them.

It must be stressed, however, that Coptic titles do not represent a trustworthy coordinate to identify a literary work (it is not rare, for instance, that the same work has different titles in different manuscripts). The only univocal way to refer to a work is the Clavis Coptica.


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#Clavis Coptica attributed to the titleClavis coptica attributed to the workConventional title of the workAuthor name
1ccT0001-Icc0001In Mercurium b; Miracula MercuriiAcacius of Caesarea
2ccT0002-Icc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
3ccT0002-SH01cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
4ccT0002-SH02cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
5ccT0002-SH03cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
6ccT0002-SH04cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
7ccT0002-SH05cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
8ccT0003-Icc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
9ccT0003-SH01cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
10ccT0003-SH02cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
11ccT0003-SH03cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
12ccT0003-SH04cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
13ccT0003-SH05cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
14ccT0003-SH06cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
15ccT0003-SH07cc0002In Mercurium aAcacius of Caesarea
16ccT0004-Icc0008Contra Anthropomorphitas; Fides AgathoniciAgathonicus of Tarsus
17ccT0004-Scc0008Contra Anthropomorphitas; Fides AgathoniciAgathonicus of Tarsus
18ccT0005-Icc0008Contra Anthropomorphitas; Fides AgathoniciAgathonicus of Tarsus
19ccT0006-Icc0009De resurrectione mortuorum (apophthegma)Agathonicus of Tarsus
20ccT0007-Icc0010Disputatio cum Iustino Samaritano; De resurrectione mortuorumAgathonicus of Tarsus
21ccT0008-Icc0010Disputatio cum Iustino Samaritano; De resurrectione mortuorumAgathonicus of Tarsus
22ccT0010-Icc0012De providentia contra StratonicumAgathonicus of Tarsus
23ccT0010-SGcc0012De providentia contra StratonicumAgathonicus of Tarsus
24ccT0011-Icc0013De incredulitateAgathonicus of Tarsus
25ccT0011-Scc0013De incredulitateAgathonicus of Tarsus
26ccT0012-Icc0012De providentia contra StratonicumAgathonicus of Tarsus
27ccT0013-Icc0015In Petrum ep. AlexandriaeAlexander of Alexandria
28ccT0014-Icc0016De sacrificio Abrahae; In Gen. 22Amphilochius of Iconium
29ccT0015-Icc0017In Theodorum ducemAnastasius of Euchaita
30ccT0016-Icc0018In Ps. 6Anastasius Sinaiticus