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  • PAThs has collaborared with the Museo Egizio, Turin, for the exhibition “Archeologia invisibile” (13 March 2019 - 6 January 2020). The contribution of PAThs has regarded the archaeometric analysis of the inks used for the Coptic codices from the library of Thinis. Two inteviews - to Paola Buzi and Tea Ghigo - have been included in the exhibition itinerary []

Scientific publications of the PAThs project

  • Ghigo, Tea, Ira Rabin and Paola Buzi. 2020. ‘Black Egyptian inks in Late Antiquity: new insights on their manufacture and use’. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 12: 70. 
  • Buzi, Paola (ed.). 2019. Detecting Early Mediaeval coptic literature in Dayr Al-Anbā Maqār, between textual conservation and literary rearrangement: the case of Vat. Copt. 57. Città del Vaticano: Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana. []
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Scientific publications conceived before the official start of PAThs, but strictly related to its goals (*) 

  • Berno, F. 2018. Il libro aperto. La ricezione apocalittica della ‘tradizione letteraria enochica. Morcelliana, Collana “Supplementi di Adamantius”: Brescia. ISBN: 978-88-372-3247-4
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(*) The publications listed in this section had been planned  by the team members before the PAThs project was approved and granted. They are mentioned here because strictly related to the scope and the subject of the project. Moreover, they were brought to completion during the grant period and therefore they benefited of the work carried out within the ERC project.