On January 25 and 26, 2017, Paola Buzi has met Prof. Patrizia Piacentini and Dr. Christian Orsenigo for a first survey of the photographic and textual archive of the Egyptologist James Quibell (1867-1935) concerning the excavation of the Coptic Monastery of Apa Jeremias at Saqqara (6th-10th cent.).

Quibell's archive - that was purchased by Patrizia Piacentini and is part of a larger well-known collection of Egyptological archives preserved at the University of Milan (Library of Egyptology and Papyrology) - is composed of hundreds of unpublished photos and two diaries (1907-1910). These will represent an extremely interesting resourse for the PAThs project.

A complete publication of Quibell's archive will be realised by the two institutions.