From 19 to 23 June 2017 Paola Buzi,  Julian Bogdani and Agostino Soldati  have taken part in the workshop organized in Goettingen by the KELLIA group, that is the projects "Digital Edition of Coptic Old Testament" and "Coptic Scriptorium".

The workshop had the aim of sharing achievements and methodologies of different digital projects related Greek and Coptic studies.

This was the first official occasion to disseminate the preliminary results of the PAThs project.

Paola Buzi has illustrated the general structure of the project and its finalities, Julian Bogdani has explained the technical aspects of its (databases, atlas, etc.), lastly Agostino Soldati has talked about a selected group of colophons.

Future cooperation among different digital projects has been discussed and will be based on a mutual and virtuous exchange of data.