On January 16 and 17, 2017, Paola Buzi has met in  Göttingen the members of our project partner "Digital Edition of the Coptic Old Testament" (http://coptot.manuscriptroom.com).

During a very intense and fruitful 2-day meeting, it was possible to mutually update about the latest developments of the current research of the two projects and to plan the next steps in our agendas.

It was very stimulating to found out how the our projects are complementary to each other. 

The meeting was therefore mainly devoted to explore the best ways to share data e technology.

A new opportunity of discussion will be in June 2107, when some members of "PAThs" will attend a workshop, in Göttingen, organized by "Kellia" (Koptische/Coptic Electronic Language and Literature International Alliance), that is a collaboration between "Digital Edition of the Coptic Old Testament", "Coptic SCRIPTORIUM" (http://copticscriptorium.org), and other partners.