Update: 2018-09-25
The Archaeological Atlas of Cotic Literature will be freely available in open access in February 2019, in the occasion of the third international conference organised by PAThs team, in Rome.

The Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature is under construction. When ready for use, it will contain and display:

  • sites where Coptic manuscripts have been found
  • sites where Coptic manuscripts have been produced
  • sites where Coptic manuscripts have circulated
  • sites where Coptic manuscripts have been stored and preserved in antiquity
  • episcopal sees, very often coinciding with administrative ‘capitals’ of former pharaonic nomoi
  • sites mentioned by Coptic titles and colophons
  • sites mentioned in the narrative thread of hagiographic and homiletic works (a selection; see below)
  • sites that, although not related to manuscripts, can help in the reconstruction of the landscape of late antique and early mediaeval Egypt.

The Atlas will be searchable by multiple keys (manuscript identifiers, fragment identifiers, work identifiers, author names, places of production/circulation/storage, etc.) both by using pre-built forms or by browsing the dynamically created maps.