From 8 to 15 May 2018 Tea Ghigo, with the assistance of Olivier Bonnerot (BAM) and the kind support and cooperation of Susanne Toepfer and Thomas Christiansen (Museo Egizio), has carried out archaeometric analyes on the inks of the Coptic papyrus codices preserved in the Egyptian Museum, Turin.

After a first session during which the inks had been measured with DinoLite, XRF and Raman techniques have been applied this time in order to identity their ingredients.

Codices II, IX and XIII, plus a parchment codex published by de Lagarde have been the object of the measurements.

Paola Buzi was present on May 11, during the analysis of the so-called "Dono Peyron" - 2 unpublished leaves belonging Codex IX - that, because of their excellent state of preservation, are particularly valuable for this kind of research and may reveal important data on the book production.