[last updated 28.11.2017]

Those who visit our web page (http://paths.uniroma1.it) might be disappointed because at the moment there are no freely usable data.

We would like to point out, however, that we are working hard to make appear as soon as possible at least part of our scientific results. As you can easily imagine, the Atlas is what takes more time and will be the last ‘product’ to appear, at least in its final and complete aspect.

Meanwhile, you can have an idea of the status of advancement of our work by means of the summary table below, which will be progressively updated.

Database & Atlas


* Included those found in recent archaeological expeditions. We would be very grateful for any information concerning the finding of new Coptic literary manuscripts in active archaeological expeditions!

** By means of the protocol of codicological elaborated by PAThs

***The archaeometric analysis started few weeks ago. This goal was not envisaged in the original project, but it will greatly contribute to the study of manuscripts.


*Nevertheless, we keep monitoring new discoveries and identifications of extant literary works

The mark-up of literary texts in order to identify cultural orientations and places of creation has been tested on a selection of texts, , already published and freely usable: https://github.com/paths-erc/coptic-texts




* Identification of relevant late antique Egyptian places, definition of the correct form of toponym (in Greek, Coptic, Arabic and Late Egyptian) and attribution of a GeoID

** We would be very grateful for any information concerning archaeological missions related to late antique an early mediaeval Egypt. Plans and photographs of the main results of the excavations would be very much appreciated!